Tiffin4Me – Launching Home food Tiffin Services in Trivandrum

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Tiffin4Me is a tried and tested concept of food (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) delivery model in india [Home food tiffin services]. Finding good and healthy food at times feels like a herculean task for all, especially for working individuals and parents. Even working women find it difficult to spend time at the kitchen on a week day. On the other hand, if you opt to grab something to munch on, the question is, how long can someone survive on road side food with unsure quality and rising prices? Looking at the volume of privately employed individuals in Trivandrum alone, we wonder how many of us are facing this tough situation. This gave birth to Tiffin4Me – a full scale solution to your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner problems.

We cook food at home – Just like your mother, we ensure that you get the right amount of nutritious and yummy food, at your door step.

Have you ever thought about why your mom makes good food? and What is it about the pothichoru that whets your appetite and makes your mouth water at the very mention of it?

Perhaps, the magic lies in its simplicity – hot, steamed rice and curries, chutneys and pickles wrapped systematically. Nostalgia is the other name for this food parcel. But now this common man’s all-in-one lunch packet is a package deal that has made it to our menu. – ‘A nostalgic cuisine from God’s own country’, ‘A nostalgic journey to your childhood days’

The fact that we are now delivering the meals to the customer’s doorstep, and have the food catered to your needs if you have lifestyle conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. are not to be found else where.

Our Dishes include Veg Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Meals, Seafood Specials Fish fry and Fish Curry, Kerala Special Red Meat dishes, and a Long list of Veg delights.

Expecting to be on top of things with Google’s food delivery, home services app. Though not available on Trivandrum, We are keeping our hopes high to get our hands on the same